Making and Escape Rooms

This weekend I am working on projects in Learn to Program with Scratch and I am also working on ISTE 2016 proposals. My reflection this week is on how a teacher could take Scratch and makey-makey and turn it into an escape room. When we covering different Makey Makey projects in Week 2, the project […]

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Making and Machinima

I am finding that my reflection on what I have worked on doesn’t come into focus until I read and look at what the other educators in the class have done. For example this week I worked on the Pressure Under Water exercise. I added a diver what the fish was saying and the formula […]

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Reflecting on Making

The project for this week was in MIT’s Scratch but for me the design I’m reflecting on is happened outside of Scratch. My experience with anything like making has taken place while working on plays in community theaters and in the virtual world, Second Life. It was one of my classmate who mentioned that her […]

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