Simulators and Sherlock Holmes

Makey 2

I’m still toying with the final project being an escape room but one that the students or educators would need to build. Last week, I went with a haunted house theme but I am starting to lean towards something that is part Sherlock Holmes and part McGyver.

So this could be a part of greater whole, I decided to go with something that could either be a clue or decipher a clue. I am not certain exactly how I will use it but players will need need to build this to send out a message.

I was looking for something that I could utilize that would combine a code and require an alphanumeric solution / output. I started looking at several simulations and came across, which sparked an idea. What if I had the players build a morse code interactive with MaKey MaKey to solve a puzzle? The players could either find pieces of the message or have to send out a message to the outside.

Since I’m toying with a Sherlock Holmes theme, I remembered a version of the Hound of the Baserkville where Watson interpreted flashes of light to be Morse code. I also found that slcgryphon has already built a Morse Code interpretting program at However, this program only had code for the alphabet. So, I built the Morse code for numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,and 0. So now it can display a complete alphanumeric sequence. I will probably add some aspects of cryptography to it.

For this project, I had to refresh and learn international Morse code (Thank you Wikipedia). If you would like a refresher as well check out  I will probably dive deeper into famous Morse Code messages.

I also had to learn more about the item __ of __ block, which allowed me to build up the sequence so the program would take anywhere from 1 to 5 dots and dashes and then correctly convert them into their alphanumeric equivalents.


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