Combining Scratch and Makey Makey

makey makey

My project this week turned out to be more of a proof of concept and while I will be using this technique for my project, I don’t think I will end up with the haunted house theme.  I went back and reviewed the projects online but didn’t find exactly what I wanted.  To my surprise I started googling project and ended up finding the Graphite Piano Keyboard with MaKey MaKey and Scratch by BSUlibrarian:
I may end up with part of the project using conductive tape but for the first project I wanted to use something you would find in any classroom which was No. 2 pencils. Also while conductive tape would be a bit easier, part of what I want students to understand is the iterative process that is part of the maker movement. I found with the No 2. pencils you may have to go back and re-color your objects. You also have to make sure you have nothing else on your figures when you press the pencil drawn pictures.

For this project, I went into the virtual world Second Life and with the permission of a friend, took pictures of a haunted house that he had set up. It was relatively easy to find a screenshot that had at least five sounds that I could match up with the sound library in Scratch.

SL Room

Right now I am considering what theme I should use for other project. I am considering mad scientist lab or something with electricity and Tesla. I think I can make the background in Second Life and upload the images to Scratch, I just need to work on the narrative that combines these projects.


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