Making and Games

scratch1 Scratch2

For me, so far doing the Scratch projects has been enjoyable but not applicable to what I can take into a classroom. I have been trying to look at how I could use one of the short games for Machinima or maybe how a project could be part of an escape room but it has been a stretch. I wish I could say that I have had a breakthrough but I am still working on it. The course that will be using this is high school and most likely a physics course.

I’ve started to gather sites that might have projects that will appeal not only to the students but that the teachers find credible. The project will need to convince the director of a remote lab who wants to add maker projects to what the lab does.

Here’s the start of the list:

Using Scratch for basic Raspberry Pi electronics

While I like what I’m seeing here, I still am seeing more STEAM and less what would convince the director of a remote science lab.

I was able to find other links but their projects often included Python and C++ language.


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