Making and Adding Personalizing Touches

I see the great work that my fellow “makers” are doing and I am sometimes in awe and other times chastising myself for not thinking of adding that feature. I do think the review and the discussion of other projects is where I am learning the most. My fellow makers this weekend reminded me of adding touches to personalize the projects not just as part of the assignment but as a way to reach out to your students and let them know that their teacher built the game. As an instructional designer, I am often focusing on how to create a class as a template so that anyone qualified in the subject matter area could teach it. This week I was reminded how I should be creating this games or activities as a way to show instructor presence. Two of the makers were very thoughtful in adding pieces to show themselves as teacher. One of the teachers had the game tell a joke after five tries. That is totally unexpected and I could see that a student playing the game might love that unexpected piece of interaction. The second teacher really looked at how to make the game give more feedback on how you were progressing. I think both of them did an excellent job of adding personalizing touches. Moving forward, I will look at how I can add those personalizing touches.


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