Making and Machinima

I am finding that my reflection on what I have worked on doesn’t come into focus until I read and look at what the other educators in the class have done. For example this week I worked on the Pressure Under Water exercise. I added a diver what the fish was saying and the formula used. My second project was Temperature Conversions a winter landscape that changed Celsius to Fahrenheit. It was pragmatic but not very artistic. It is likely I am learning the mechanics but not the artistic eye of what I have seen some makers do. The two projects I did both worked with changing sprites and do more work with the speech bubbles and the text displayed in them.

STEM degree

When  I reviewed two of the educators’ modification I really began to see how Scratch could be used to make Machinima. Machinima is the screen-capture usually of 3D games or virtual worlds. One of my fellow educators had modified the snow flake project enough that I think it could be a e-card for the winter holidays. The visual of the snowman drawing snowflakes and the background changing was clever and addition of a holiday song added to the appeals of the project. The other instructor had set a repeating flag with writing his name. He encouraged us to press it more than once to have it change. Naturally I couldn’t resist and pressed it repeatedly. I think that these games could be used in opening credits or even a transition in Machinima.


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