Reflecting on Making

The project for this week was in MIT’s Scratch but for me the design I’m reflecting on is happened outside of Scratch. My experience with anything like making has taken place while working on plays in community theaters and in the virtual world, Second Life. It was one of my classmate who mentioned that her project that involved a howling wolf was made possible because of her ability to use the wolf character costume.

So for this week I am thinking about makers re-purpose and re-use products and how it is all part of their community of practice. My classmate wrote that she would not have chosen that assignment if she had to make the picture of the wolf and how she appreciated that there was a library of images or costumes that she could use. I think this re-using with permission is one of the characteristics of the maker movement and the maker community. In a current reality show on makers called Steampunk’d where the makers or “contestants” get their supplies for their projects has been in a junkyard setting called the “Punk Yard” and also in a thrift store.

A community of practice sharing its creation for others to use also exists in game development. The screenshot below is from Unity’s Assets Store. Featured is a 24 hour sale on horror cartoons.  The Horror Cartoons V2 pack includes :

15 Mobile/Console Characters
Weapons and accessories to customise
Idles, walks,runs, jumps, swim roll and hurt.

Unity September 13 Assets Store


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