Reflections on Making

We’re celebrating Computer Science Week with countless Hours of Code activities around the United States and the world. I think that it’s fitting to extend the challenge of not only bringing making into the Hour of Code but also game design. This week on the Getting Smart website, Lindsey Own (2015) wrote a blog post  […]

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Tutorial for Escape

This week I made a tutorial using voicethread on the Escape project. While I listed this as being suitable for middle school students for Next Generation Science Standard for energy, I think with a few tweaks it could also work high school. I listed it as Energy MS-PS3-5 Next Generation Science Standards but I think […]

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Making and Games

For me, so far doing the Scratch projects has been enjoyable but not applicable to what I can take into a classroom. I have been trying to look at how I could use one of the short games for Machinima or maybe how a project could be part of an escape room but it has […]

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